Sunday, December 27, 2009

Perfect chocolate chip cookies, great recipes, and some restaurants... writing for Examiner still

Granted, I'm not doing such a great job of keeping up with writing on this blog like I used to. It's difficult to come up with great material on one topic in two places, and frankly, I get paid to write for Examiner. So, while it's perhaps less than any readers I have left might hope for, here's another link-dump to stuff I've been writing on there as the Knoxville Gourmet Food Examiner.

Since it's coming up so soon, in case you missed it or just ran into this blog, you should definitely check out my list of New Year's resolutions that involve food and drink. I've already started doing some of them, and even if you're reading this in mid-April, it's never too late to start a new, healthy habit like trying out new foods or learning to cook.

In as big a surprise to me as it will be to many of you, Vienna Coffee Company (a popular topic here on The Untrained Gourmet because it's local to my Maryville/Knoxville area and because they do a great job) has thoroughly impressed me (and my wife and coffee-snob brother) with their high-quality Colombian coffee roasts that can't be missed.

Some of you might remember JB's beef and potato stew from way back when. I liked it so much the last time I made it that I decided it needed more exposure in my quest to have it be shared with the world on Examiner, so do check it out (especially if you're new here and don't remember it!).

I went to eat at Metro Pizza in Alcoa (between Maryville and Knoxville) recently and was quite pleasantly surprised. I'm glad to know there are still a few good non-chain pizza places around. I wrote a glowing review for Examiner that's worth looking at if you like Metro Pizza or are interested in checking it out. Metro Pizza serves authentic New York style pizzas that are hand-made by folks that know and love what they're doing. It's also a family-run operation, which is nice in the corporate-jungle world we live in today.

Another classic from this blog, way back when, the Madagascan chicken in coconut milk, akoho sy voanio, was also featured due to my belief that everyone should find (and love) this fantastic dish. Have a look!

Who doesn't like potato soup? A great variation on the classic using fried potatoes for a different taste and texture can be found on Examiner now thanks to my recent article on the matter. Oh, and if you don't like it, you probably just need more bacon in yours. That's a tip to take home with you.

My mom makes the best chocolate chips in the universe (probably). In fact, they're so good that I violate my long-standing, otherwise-firm rule about vegetable shortening to enjoy them (the rule is: don't eat anything containing vegetable shortening). I put her secret best chocolate chips in the world recipe up on Examiner for the world to find and profit from (with her permission). Thanks, Mom!

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