Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vienna Coffee Company: Espresso Bella

Here's another review of a flavor of Vienna Coffee Company coffee, the one that I just finished enjoying several times in the mornings and afternoons: Espresso Bella.

When I visited the company a couple of weeks ago, I picked up this one along with the very delicious and yet interesting Organic Balinese Blue Krishna mentioned in that post (follow the link). I was told that "if I like pulling shots and just drinking them straight up, this was a great way to go." I don't exactly pull shots, as you all know, because I don't have a real espresso machine, but that didn't deter me from making it both in the Moka and in the Aeropress. My first experience, actually, came from the Moka, and my first impressions (which I'm glad I wrote down) were very pleasant: full, round flavors with a hint of toastiness and a little smokiness, properly understated. Even from the Moka, I recognized immediately the overwhelming smoothness of this espresso blend also.

In the Aeropress, which makes a slightly flatter, certainly less "cooked" tasting coffee than the moka, this coffee stood out as being very well balanced and wonderfully flavorful. It did a better job than many of the varietals and blends that I've tried at being equally pleasant (as cappuccino or "presso," what I call the concentrated coffee that comes out of the Aeropress) as a morning or afternoon cup, and so there were many days while I enjoyed this stuff that I enjoyed it twice a day. My wife was duly impressed by the flavorfulness of this coffee as well.

I think this is an outstanding espresso blend, actually, and I think I recommend it over the Espresso con Robusta, Little River Style that I also like a great deal, should buy again, and should review for you. At the moment, I'm lucky enough to be working on (and will write about soon!) some Organic Thunderhead Espresso, a blend worked out for my wife's friend Jaimie at Thunderhead Perk in Townsend, TN, a great coffee shop that my wife and step-daughters went to today while I was at work (though I'll find my way there sometime soon). Stay tuned for those reviews when I have time to talk about them: two more espressos and hopefully a coffee shop.

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