Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coffee Review: Vienna Coffee Company's Thunderhead Espresso

I haven't yet met Jaimie, the owner of Thunderhead Perk in Townsend, TN, but hopefully I will be meeting her this week. My wife adores her and claims her scones are the best. Vienna Coffee Company in Maryville, TN, came up with an espresso blend for Jaimie that they fittingly call Thunderhead Espresso (organic) that happens to be quite delicious regardless of whether it is served alongside one of Jaimie's apparently legendary, warmed scones.

Their website claims that the blend is rich, which I think is a bit of an understatement. The smell, in fact, carries the very definition of rich coffee, and the flavor is full, balanced, and mild, like a pleasant riff of smooth jazz on a double bass. Vienna recommends that this espresso is great almost any way you can serve it: straight shots or blended into a latte (or cappuccino), and I tend to agree. It's nice straight, but in my opinion, it stands out blended. That could be because I just came off their Espresso Bella, which is undeniably nice to have in a wide variety of ways.

If you're into espresso blends, however you like to take them (even brewed as coffee instead of as espresso), this one is a nice one that I have to recommend, particularly if you like them smooth and easy without ostentation or fuss.

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