Friday, August 7, 2009

Rotisserie Meat and Leftover Rotisserie Meat

A rotisserie is a very good thing. I'm a huge fan of how meat comes out when it's been roasted in one of these clever gadgets, and I take advantage of it as often as I can. My mom has a small counter-top rotisserie in her kitchen that we use a few times a year (she might use it more, I'm not sure), but we're a bit short on space in our kitchen and thus don't have one. I usually buy (gasp!) my rotisserie meat, but I can often do it with little or no guilt since a quick walk around in the store often convinces me that I'm not paying all that much extra for meat that's been cooked in a big, professional rotisserie than I would be for meat that is still raw. Since I don't have a rotisserie and buying it already cooked is a wonderful time-saver (usually I eat it essentially on the spot), I'm happy to belly up.

One of my very favorite things to do with leftover rotisserie meat, usually pork, chicken, or turkey, is put it in scrambled eggs (you'll learn to see this kind of thing coming if you read any number of my posts). Since it's already cooked and I don't want it to dry out, it goes in the pan at the last moment before the eggs do. Usually, I saute some nice fresh veggies, right now out of our garden, and then toss in some chopped up leftover rotisserie meat (a little for egg sandwiches, a lot for scrambles on a plate), and then season it with a little vinegar before adding the eggs. When it's done, it's lovely.

Honestly, I'd say that rotisserie meat, often with little else, is a favorite lunch of mine (insomuch as I have favorites -- there's too many things to like to have favorites), and using the leftovers (if there are any!) in my eggs for the next day or two is a close second. My usual maneuver is to leave work and pick up a rotisserie something (most often pork loin) at The Fresh Market, eat most of it on the way home (washing it down with some of their freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit, or tangerine juice -- I love that tangerine juice), and then save what's left for the next day or two, unless my wife is feeling some rotisserie too, in which case she usually polishes off what's left almost as quickly as it comes through the door. What do I do with the leftover juice? Usually I drink it down to about an inch or inch and a half in the bottom of the container, add some sugar, and fill it back up with water to have instant high-quality citrusade of whichever type I happened to buy. Win, win, win.

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