Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coffee Review, Kind Of, Vienna Coffee Company -- Timor Maubesse (Organic)

Since I ran out of coffee the day before yesterday and therefore had to get some new coffee yesterday, I decided to get a couple of kinds that I haven't mentioned on here yet. Of course, I strongly prefer to buy locally roasted beans when I can, and so this coffee was roasted by the Vienna Coffee Company. Intrigued partly by the new label and partly by the type, I picked up their organic Timor Maubesse with high hopes and am glad to say that the cups I've brewed so far have not disappointed those hopes. The Vienna website gives the following description for this coffee:

This wet-processed coffee from the world's most impoverished country is a testament to the value of international collaboration to rebuild this legendary coffee origin. It produces a mildly sweet, balanced cup with good body and modest acidity. It leaves you with a crisp, almost spicy finish. This coffee will be appreciated by "lovers of subtly adventurous beverages."
Well... that's me most of the time: subtly adventurous and loving beverages. Actually, I have a love affair with beverages of almost all descriptions... to the point where I frequently am teased for having three or four of them near me. In any case, I found this coffee spellbinding in scent both in the bag and in the cup. The smell is distinctly reminiscent of the description above: rich, full of body, and crisp: a very complicated, intriguing, mature coffee odor, if that last word makes any sense here.

As for the taste, which the bag describes as having a "sharp finish" on a "medium-dark roast," i.e. a full-city roast, I can't give a full and honest review. As I mentioned before, I broke my French press the other day while I was washing it, and I haven't gone to the (only very slight) trouble of replacing it yet. Since I never make drip coffee anymore (bleh), the only thing I've done with it is put it through my Aeropress. Then I mix it with sugar, vanilla, and foamed milk to make the "pressoccinos" that my wife and I enjoy so much, figuring I'd give a proper review of it "eventually." Since I never did that for Kaldi's Dance, I figured I probably wouldn't get around to it on this go with the Timor Maubesse and better talk about things as they are. As they are, sugar, vanilla, and particularly milk/half-and-half round out the edges of any coffee, so the details are blurry and yet pleasant for the cups that come out of these beans.

The flavor of what we drank from these beans is definitely more full and robust than what came from the Kaldi's Dance and the Eithiopian Harrar Longberry Horse (my review/experiment). It's prominent even through the vanilla and milk fat, which is very nice. The flavor is full and crisp, meaning it doesn't leave a heavy aftertaste. In fact, if I had to pick a coffee out of all that I've had that represents a full-city roast the best, I'd probably hand it to this stuff. It really is that nice and characteristic. Also, from what I've tasted, the flavor is more complex than the other coffees that I've been drinking recently, even through the other ingredients of the cappuccino, so that like the smell, the flavor is intriguing. To put it really simply, I really like this coffee and will definitely be getting it again.

I think the best testament to it is what I did when I finished my afternoon cup. After I drank it, I went in and got a bowl of leftover soup from last night. When I finished the soup, I looked over at the table and was filled with sadness, enough to where I actually told my wife that I was just overcome with a "tremendous sadness." I had expected to find more of this coffee waiting for me to finish my soup for some reason, and that it wasn't there really let me down. It really is that pleasant, particularly in the afternoon. Right now, in fact, I can't stop picking up the bag, shaking it, and giving it another smell. It's just really nice.

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