Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cappuccino Milkshake Two Step

Guess what I just drank (easy because of the title of the post). Yes it was good. A cappuccino milkshake made in just two easy steps with just two easy ingredients (that I didn't have to do anything but buy)... because what really sweet coffee drinks need is more sugar (in the world's most perfect form of sugar: ice cream)!

The story behind this one starts a few weeks ago when I came home from London. London is probably the world's greatest place for people that like smoothie-like beverages made out of ingredients that people can actually pronounce (like fruit). It was wonderful, and I came home wanting that experience. Thus, when I saw a acai-mangosteen juice drink by Bolthouse Farms on sale (usually prohibitively expensive despite the possible health value of those ingredients), I got it. It was fairly good but more juice and less smoothie than I had hoped (probably because it didn't have bananas in it) and sadly used "from concentrate" ingredients more than "not from concentrate." Still, it was on sale and satisfied my craving. Later, I went back and wanted something similar again (my treat for doing some chores like grocery shopping), and I decided to get one of their high-protein flavors. All of the ones there had soy protein in them (no thanks) except one: Mocha Cappuccino. I got it. It's good. I marveled that it's sweetened with apple juice (from concentrate). I drank the whole quart in about six and a half minutes. Chug-a-lug, buddy. Zzzzooooom!

Then I got an idea... put that stuff into a blender with vanilla ice cream. That seems like a complicated recipe, I know, so I held off until today to make it (real reason: the store I shop at was out of it temporarily due to its apparently much greater popularity as compared with the "fruit" flavors). Guess what. It worked.. because what a really sweet coffee drink needs is more sugar!

If it wasn't so expensive and obviously bad for me, I would put this beverage on the short list of things that I drink that are clearly sources of my superpowers.

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