Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cantaloupe Smoothie

I wondered about this idea for a recipe because of our plethora of melons this summer. Many of them had to be given away or thrown away because we just couldn't keep up with how many of them there were (I ate four at one point in a day-and-a-half-long span and did not appreciate the results of that bombardment of my internals). Well, in addition to our Charantais melons, we had a regular-old cantaloupe come up near one of our compost piles, and it made a regular-old cantaloupe of unsurpassed quality. I picked it when it was ready, and like everyone else in the family, I just wasn't ready to eat another melon. That's when I decided to turn it into a smoothie, which was quite good.
cantaloupe melon smoothieIt was, of course, ridiculously easy to make. I cut up the whole cantaloupe into bite-sized pieces (peeling it and seeding it, obviously) and then put almost all of it into the blender (being weak or maybe sane, I cannot skip the opportunity to eat some fresh fruit when it is presented to me). It was very good for cantaloupe... almost as good as the French ones, in fact. Then I added about a tablespoon of evaporated cane juice (hippy sugar) and a cup of whole milk and whole-milk yogurt combined (the ratio of those is up to you: for more of a "drink," use mostly milk; for most of a "smoothie," use mostly yogurt; and "mostly" can mean "all" here if you like, in either direction) and an eyedropper's worth of good-quality vanilla extract. Then... blend. Done. Wow!

The flavor is unsurprisingly melony while being surprisingly less gross than the picture in my head was. It is, in fact, quite nice... retaining all of the lovely cooling notes of melon with all of the creamy goodness notes of smoothie. Everyone seemed to enjoy it greatly.

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