Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moka Pot Cappuccino

I finally caved into years of interest and curiosity and purchased a moka pot. If you follow that link, you'll get a pretty decent review of the thing including a comparison (in my opinion) of that classic espresso-ish maker with the more modern faux espresso maker I typically use: the Aeropress, i.e. my "Presso."

Here's basically what I thought of the outcome, which used the same recipe as usual with the only difference being the coffee brewing tool:

  1. The coffee was stronger and more effective at jacking me up;
  2. The flavor was distinctly more old-world (not better or worse, just different in the described way);
  3. The moka pot is slow and comparatively hard to clean.
I think the biggest difference in the experience is that the paper filters in the Aeropress unfortunately filter out most of the natural oils of the coffee, which kind of sucks (your drip machine does that too to a large degree if you use paper filters in it, which is why you should probably ditch that thing and get a French press unless convenience is your main coffee interest). The moka pot does not filter them out and thus seems to jack me up more and give a more rounded, robust flavor to the brew.

I'll continue to use both implements in the future, I'm sure, but the convenience and quickness of the Aeropress are going to continue to sell me on it for now and keep the little plastic tool in its place: preferred espresso-ish-beverage brewing tool in my house.

One quick note my wife and I discussed while waiting for the slow moka pot to do its thing is that we could make a cappuccino with the Aeropress and probably clean it up in the time it takes to make the coffee in the moka pot. That gives me some highly caffeinating ideas.... Actually, as often as not, I finish my cup of cappuccino way too quickly and wish I had some more. Letting these two tools duel in my kitchen might really hit the spot.

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