Monday, July 20, 2009

Charentais Melons

a nearly ripe Charentais melon growing in my gardenI don't know how to say it, I know they come from France, and I know that I'm glad I'm growing these little beauties in my garden. In fact, all of the crazy difficult weeding I did yesterday was to benefit these while my wife worked on the peppers' area. They're just starting to get ripe, in fact, and the first few should be ready for picking in a few days. Thus, I shouldn't have been able to try them yet except that it rained a couple of days ago. That, fortunately or unfortunately (seriously, who can tell?), causes muskmelons like these guys to split sometimes, just at the last possible too-soon moment. That, fortunately or unfortunately, gave me a taste of them a few days sooner than I should have expected it. This being my first experience with this particular variety of fruit, I feel like I should say something about it.

I've heard good things, I should also say, and so my expectations were high. Seeing as the melons that split were probably a solid week from being ripe, I was very impressed. They taste, as anyone might guess once they see how vibrantly orange they are inside and from the fact that almost all non-watermelon melons taste quite similar, quite a bit like very good cantaloupe, but that's true when they're almost a week too early. In fact, the too-early one that I ate first rivaled the better cantaloupes I've had in my life. The not-as-too-early one that I cut last night was so good that I proceeded to eat the entire thing in one sitting... after a full and healthy dinner. At this point, I'm assuming that a nice fully vine-ripened Charentais melon is going to taste a bit like what I would imagine cantaloupe would taste like if I took ecstasy first (I wouldn't know... I don't do, haven't ever done, and do not plan to do drugs of any kind).

Since our harvest looks bountiful, perhaps we'll sell a few of them this year to lucky friends and family... or maybe we'll even give them away. Who knows?

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